🍏This jobs entails working on Open Source full time
GNU Radio / Technical writer
100% of time is on open source.
Application deadline: 2022-04-03
Location: Remote

GNU Radio has recently won a small grant from NumFOCUS to help improve GNU Radio’s tutorials, as they play a major role in helping new users get through the steep learning curve. We are looking to hire a part-time contractor to perform the work of one GNU Radio expert. It is anticipated that this work will be performed during Q1 of 2022.


$800 total, $40 per hour, 20 hours total


  • Starting at the top of the tutorial list and working your way down (or using an order of your choosing), go through as many tutorials as the funding/time allows, and do a single editing pass through each one, to improve clarity and writing quality. Readability is more important than using “proper technical style”; many readers aren’t going to have English as their first language. Any improvements to visual presentation, such as wiki formatting to make the content look better (e.g., shrink an image that is clearly way too large compared to the surrounding content), is also desired.

Email jobs@gnuradio.org if you are interested in either of these positions. Thanks!

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