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Kitware / Medical Image Analysis Researcher
This job is 100% time.
75% of that time is on open source.
Application deadline: 2021-10-30
Location: Carrboro, NC

Team Description: Kitware's Medical Computing team solves complex healthcare challenges through customized software solutions. The team provides research, development, and technology integration services to research centers, universities and companies in the medical and biomedical sectors. By joining our team you will participate in a dynamic multidisciplinary work environment with exceptionally talented computer scientists, software engineers, mechanical engineers and biomedical engineers.|

About the projects: We build powerful software solutions using our well-established open source platforms including VTK, ITK, 3D Slicer, Pulse, iMSTK, CMake and ParaView. These platforms are mature, supported, documented, and thoroughly tested software systems that are in use by tens of thousands of developers and end-users worldwide. Our commercial projects involve generating solutions for medical device companies from ultrasound and preclinical imaging companies, to surgery device companies. Our research projects involve collaborations with top research institutions, including Harvard Medical School, MIT, Cleveland Clinic, Duke University, and others and build on our open source platforms. For more info click here

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Coiled / OSS Engineer
This job is 100% time.
80% of that time is on open source.
Application deadline: 2021-10-14
Location: Remote

This role is for a software engineer to work on the open source Dask project. You will be able to build and maintain Dask and its connections with surrounding projects.

This role will also ensure that Coiled customers are effective in their use of Dask to scale Python. You will interact with users (both community and clients), engage in team prioritization, and work to implement fixes and features to improve the experience and capabilities of the Python ecosystem, verifying that those fixes resolve user needs.

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Quansight / PyData maintainer
This job is 100% time.
60% of that time is on open source.
Application deadline: 2021-10-13
Location: Remote

This is an open hiring call for candidates who are already heavily invested in contributing to the PyData open source ecosystem and are looking for a company that can support their passion. The specifics of your role will be determined during the interview process.