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🍏This jobs entails working on Open Source full time
ArviZ / Dataviz External Consultant
This job is NA% time.
100% of time is on open source.
Application deadline: 2022-07-31
Location: Remote

Dataviz is a key part of any statistical or data science job, and Bayesian models are not an exception. ArviZ provides tools for Exploratory Analysis of Bayesian Models, from diagnostics and summary statistics to bespoke visualizations.

We are searching for someone to analyze the current state of available plots to identify missing visualizations, defaults not following bad practices and missing references in the documentation and write a report with the findings and recommendations. The report will be published in hopes it also helps other dataviz libraries.

The full job description and application process is available on our GitHub

NVIDIA / PyData Open Source Developer
This job is 100% time.
80% of time is on open source.
Application deadline: 2022-09-30
Location: Remote

Hundreds of thousands of AI engineers, data scientists, and data engineers rely on both NVIDIA technologies and related PyData open source projects to do their life's work. We are continuing to expand our support of the PyData ecosystem and looking to hire strong engineers who are or can become contributors to libraries like Pandas, Scikit-learn, NumPy, and more! This is an excellent opportunity for you to balance between contributing to and helping users of these open source projects.

A full job description and application form can be found on the NVIDIA career site job posting.