🍏This jobs entails working on Open Source full time
GNU Radio / GNU Radio Expert
100% of time is on open source.
Application deadline: 2022-04-01
Location: Remote

GNU Radio has recently won a small grant from NumFOCUS to help improve GNU Radio’s tutorials, as they play a major role in helping new users get through the steep learning curve. We are looking to hire a part-time contractor to perform the work of one GNU Radio expert. It is anticipated that this work will be performed during Q1 of 2022.


$3600 total, $60 per hour, 60 hours total spread across at least 1 month (max 3 months)

Tasks (tackle one or more of the following tasks)

  • Complete overhaul of the QPSK and BPSK tutorials reflecting the change from ‘Polyphase Clock Sync’ to ‘Symbol Sync’, and from ‘CMA Equalizer’ to ‘Linear Equalizer’ and ‘Adaptive Algorithm’.
  • The Embedded Python Block tutorial should be the first tutorial that dives into how to write a block (in Python) but it’s currently performing double duty as the Embedded Python Block “block docs” page, so the task is to separate them into two pages and improve the tutorial itself.
  • Pick one or more of our existing tutorials and propose what you will do to improve it, then get approval from the GNU Radio leadership, and then execute on the proposed improvements. The step prior to approval cannot involve billing more than 4 hours.
  • If the contractor has any specific expertise, e.g. in an application of GNU Radio we don’t currently have a tutorial about, the contractor can create a new tutorial after getting GNU Radio leadership approval.

Effort should be spread relatively evenly across at least 1 month (with a max of 3 months), so that the GNU Radio Expert has time to share midterm progress with the GNU Radio leadership and obtain feedback. To enforce this, we will limit the amount billed each week to no more than 16 hours. The effort must be completed within 3 months after the start of work.

Email jobs@gnuradio.org if you are interested in either of these positions. Thanks!

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